How To Get Started Online (For Free)

Take an interest, a passion, an idea and create something special from it; here’s one way you can get started online.

Let’s get started.

If you are new to this as I was only 6months ago I recommend starting your first sites for free. I didn’t do this at the begining, failing to do this resulted in a loss of money. I almost gave up.

Good fortune came my way when; in September 2017 a friend referred me to Wealthy Affiliate.

I checked it out and this is where I landed.

Account Set Up Page
Wealthy Affiliate Create Free Account page

I put my details into the right boxes and created my free account. I was expecting they’d ask for credit card details or PayPal. Nearly all free website builders ask for them, not Wealthy Affilliate.

This was a pleasant surprise, finally an online platform offering a free account without my having to add card or PayPal details. This shows promise.

From there I found out about how to get started online, after creating my free account I discovered I could build two free websites and participate in a 10 lesson course.

  • Getting Rolling
  • Getting A Full Understanding Of  The Money Making Side Of An Online Business
  • Getting To Choose My Niche
  • Getting My Own Niche Website Built
  • Getting It Set Up Right
  • Getting Your  Site Ready For Search Engines
  • Getting Initial Content Created
  • Getting Custom Menus Created
  • Getting An Understanding Of Keywords
  • Getting To The Steps Beyond Starting Out…because this is really just the start of your journey

Note: Once you have your two free  websites built they’re available on a continuing basis. You won’t lose access to them.

There’s of course some encouragement to upgrade to premium a membership, however, be assured there’s no hard sell or relentless pushing.

And, there’s good reason to upgrade but in the end that’s entirely over to you…read more about why you’d want to upgrade here in my Wealthy Affiliate Review

Your Membership Options Charted

This chart show’s the differences between Starter Membership and Premium Membership.

Starter is great for newbies. Give it a go it’s one way to know.

Create Your Free Account Here And I’ll Catch You On The Inside

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An Easy Way to Build Your Own Website – A Website Builder

A few months back I set out to learn how to create my own websites, I was referred to Wealthy Affiliate by a friend and have been a member since September 2017, I’m happy to recommend their website builder service, WordPress and Affiliate Marketing course.

I liked it when I found they allowed me to start without any obligation to pay anything up front…nor did I have to give over my credit card or PayPal details. Unless you decide to upgrade to premium membership, which I did within a few days. It made sense to me, opening up many more layers of training, and greater communication with marketers the world over.

Anyway, the trial is for 10 lessons which includes access to the wider community at Wealthy Affiliate, here’s link to my review on Wealthy Affiliate


Budding Entrepreneurs (Help Is Here)

For a small business or a budding entrepreneur the idea of building your own website may seem overwhelming at first.

Don’t sweat it, as a member of SiteRubix and Wealthy Affiliate you’ll be provided with two free websites for use while you’re learning.

  • learn without breaking into a sweat, supported all along the way the supportive community at Wealthy Affiliate
  • learn how to build your own websites & save a ton of money
  • learn how to take a seed of an idea and turn it into a thriving online business
  • learn about WordPress
  • learn from experienced online entrepreneurs, when they share their tips and advice with you for free
  • learn how to extend your website as demand for your services grows
  • learn how to integrate social media into your sites and more.


Click on this video for a complete walk-through of the platform.

Build A Website For free

Feel free to make use of this search bar to see whether your choice of website name is available:

Premium Hosting Or Stay Free

SiteRubix is a Premium Hosting Service which allows you to Start for Free (Two Free Websites). Most people coming to SiteRubix will Start with Free.

There’s no credit card required, and it’s not asked for unless you decide to upgrade to Premium.

You may choose to remain on the free version beyond 7 days without upgrade, you can keep the free site for as long as you like but it will have it’s limtations.

This chart gives you the comparisons between Starter Trial Membership and Premium Membership:

  Your free trial is just the otherside of this link, get started now and I’ll catch you on the inside.

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