Google wants to love you…so, let’s make it easy


Google wants to love you…so, let’s make it easy for them.

Summary: Google updated it’s Search Quality Evaluator Guide and released it 27 July 2017. Primarily the Guidelines cover Page Quality (PQ) rating and Needs Met (NM) rating, the concepts within the guide are also put to use across a wide range of rating tasks.

The “raters” orient to a purpose; [to evaluate search engine quality around the world].

Users (those using search engines and from there landing on pages) around the world should be able to get results that are useful to them in their selected language and location. If this is done then their Needs would’ve been Met (NM).

A Glossary before you go too far: We’re not going down a rabbit hole into technical terms!

  1. Webmaster; is someone responsible for website maintance.  It’s you or another, if you own a website then you are the webmaster.
  2. Website; yeah I know, you know this already, humour me anyway. A website or site is a group of World Wide Web pages usually containing hyperlinks to each other and made available online by an individual, company, educational institution, government, or organization. Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo, YouTube, etc.
  3. Hyperlink; it is a computing word, a link that refers the reader somewhere else by clicking, tapping or hovering. Hyperlinks may point you to a complete document or part of it. If you click on the underlined “Hyperlink” word you’ll see what I mean.

Ok, that’s close enough to that hole..!

If You Know this – You’re going to be OK.

If you know; Google has what it calls a “Search Quality Rating Program.” You can access it and inform yourself the role as a Webmaster.

  • Google is all about presenting a quality experience to it’s users and this intiative focuses on two functions; seach engine quality and page quality related to user experience, they’ve a lengthy manual/guide for use by thousands of quality raters when doing reviews.
  • A full copy of it can be found here.

Be warned, it’s long – 160 pages. But; It’s useful to have as a reference doc, there’s a clickable index which will take you to things you might want to know. And it’s loaded with examples of page quality characteristic from Lowest to Highest.


4 Website & Page Mistakes

The first mistake isn’t at all, is it? Neither is number 4, it’s fraud!

  1. Intentionally set out to harm your users, deceive them, or make money with no attempt to help users.
  2. Fail to make it clear who is responsible (Webmaster) for the website, it could be an individual, company, business, etc.
  3. Also failing to make it clear who created content on the pages. Pages should show who created the content, the individual, company, business, etc. Nearly all websites have “contact us” or “about us” or “about” pages that provide information about who owns the site. Users can be added to the site then given a role. Subscriber, Author, and etc.Dashboard User Role Changer
  4. Do you create fake reviews for your site, and or employ someone to do so? Google’s reviewers are urged to be skeptical of both positive and negative reviews particularly where there are but a few of them.


Google stresses importance on Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T)

Expert-Authority-TrustThe amount of expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E-A-T) that a webpage, website has is very important. Main Content quality and amount, website information, and website reputation all form the E-A-T of a website.

Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T)…something to keep in the forefront of your mind when it come to page content and ultimately site quality. Read up on this in section 3.2 page 18 of the document here.


Page Purpose (HELP)

As long as it is determined that the page is there to help users then google doesn”t, as a result, consider any page purpose to be superior than another.

“What’s the purpose of this page?” A question all raters will ask themselves of the page they’re reviewing from a quality stand point.

It’s actually nice to know that when you create a page with the purpose of helping, and that you present it in such a way it’s easy for them to access the help they are looking for your page is then then considered no less worthy than any other, even, an encyclopedia page.

For example:

A page from encyclopedia Britanica is not considered superior to that of “Bill’s Satirical Weekly”, if such exists, providing Bill has done everything to make his page genuinely helpful to the user.

What’s Helpful? (Google Says)

Let’s refer to the evaluators guide.

Common helpful page purposes include (but not limited to):

  •  To share information about a topic.
    • Government agencies do this.
    • Review Blogs and posts.
  •  To share personal or social information.
    • Facebook and other Social Media Platforms for example.
  • To share pictures, videos, or other forms of media.
    • Flickr.
  • To express an opinion or point of view.
    • Blog posts.
  • To entertain.
    • YouTube, Vimeo.
  •  To sell products or services.
    • Shopify shops
    • Ebay
    • Amazon
  •  To allow users to post questions for other users to answer.
    • Forums
    • Training Blogs
  •  To allow users to share files or to download software.

Google search file sharing sites

Webmasters and what they directly control

As the creator of this page I have direct control over the content.

By placing images, text, pages feature ( e.g., calendars, graphs), I am working with Main Content (MC)…these bits and pieces directly help me achieve the purpose of the page, helping you.

If I were to add a link to some other parts of my site, internal linking, that would be considered “Supplementary Content (SC)” and would give you the user a better experience.

Would it help this page directly achieve its purpose? No!

Even the content behind those links may in some cases be considered part of the SC of the page.

Damn, it is easy to go off on a tangent here. The point is; all these things are part of what you as Webmasters control.

They are very important to the user and their experience.

Ads placement to generate revenue

Webmasters can choose to place Ads on their pages.

Google certainly recognises Websites cost money to build and maintain. Without this any number of them wouldn’t exist. They say the “presence or absence of Ads is not by itself a reason for a High or Low quality rating.”

You cannot create high quality content without investing money.

As far as their evaluators guidline is concerned, “we will consider monetized links of any type to be “Ads”.”

The summary parts of a page


Summary: If you’re intent is to help and you follow through with it by setting up your pages in a way that the Needs of the user is Met then you’ll be on the right track. I hope this post has alerted you to two things.

  1. There’s such a thing as page quality rating.
  2. Your pages and websites must be helpful to users who’re coming to have their Needs Met.

Feel free to comment below, give me your feedback, thoughts and questions if you have any.

Thanks for reading. James



Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool (Review)

Keyword tools help you to make sense of keywords, Jaaxy is one such tool…one of the best out there.

Why Jaaxy?

With Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool you’ll be able to improve your website rankings.

It’ll save you time and increase productivity, returned results are more targeted. Access to Google, Bing and Yahoo and other search engines is done from one platform, halving your work.

And, it will help you use keywords to profit by.

A feature rich keyword research tool such as Jaaxy should help you find great keywords, with which you’ll quickly go from broad search terms to narrow targeted groups of people looking for something (a Niche).

From there you’d want to establish 3 things before you create a Website or write anything. Otherwise it’s likely you’ll be wasting your time. Unless, of course, your niche is going to be a purely social activity and not one you intend to generate revenue from.

Down page further you’ll find exactly what those 3 things are. Read on down to it or jump from here: You’ve Targeted Some Niches – What next?

Who’ll Use it?

Anyone actually;

  • Those who write content for niche websites.
  • Anyone starting out would make fine use of Jaaxy.
  • Freelance content writers.
  • Online marketers.
  • Those employed in any business where it’s important to know your what your customer wants or is looking for.
  • Social Media entrepreneurs.
  • Ad Copy writers in any field.
  • Maybe you build website for clients and you’d like to have great keywords built into their sites? Well, you’d use Jaaxy.
  • Online shopfront owners would use Jaaxy to research trending products.
  • Amazon Affiliates.
  • Those selling on Ebay,Etsy etc.
  • Drop-shippers.
  • Affiliate Marketers looking for affiliate programs make effective use of Jaaxy!
  • University Students researching for their Thesis may use it.
  • Market Researchers in varying fields would make full use of this tool.
  • Website Creators.
  • If you found yourself writing for magazines or newspapers.

They are just some who’ll make profitable and effective use of Jaaxy by;

  • finding whether Domains are available for exact keywords.
  • Knowing total number of words on the site under analysis?
  • Wouldn’t you like to know what’s trending in Google, Alexa, Amazon, and Twitter all from one page? And then do the research on those trends from the same page?
  • What about the number of back links to a competitor’s website?
  • Would it be useful to know the number of links on a site?
  • And whether AdSense Ads exit for the site?
  • Is there benefit to having all this and more at your fingertips, and all in one place?
  • Now, how about Alexa rankings for sites or whether they rank at all?
  • How about social media (Facebook) likes for sites you’re analyzing?
  • Or other social media, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
  • Let’s say you want to go over and visit the site you’re analyzing, “am I able to do that”? YES!
  • Stuck for niche ideas? Brainstorm with Jaaxy
  • Are you writing content around highly competitive keywords?
  • Do you want to know the exact meta keywords (if shown) used by any site under analysis? And then make profitable and effective use of that information.

Limited by Imagination!

Use of this tool is only limited by one’s imagination, with training and familiarity, you’ll see ways not mentioned above to put it to efficient and profitable use. In other words; you’ll find ways to build a profitable business. 

Product Summary & Ratings

  • Name: Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool
  • Owners: Kyle and Carson
  • Website URL:
  • Training: Yes 8/10
  • Feature Rich: Yes 9/10
  • Website Research & Analysis: Yes 10/10
  • Niche Research Refinement: Yes 10/10
  • Support: Yes 10/10
  • Affiliate Program & Walkthrough: Yes 10/10
  • Price Points: STARTER (FREE) Pro $49/month, Enterprise $99/Month
Start Free TodayFree Trial Button

The Owners

Jaaxy Co-Founders Kyle and Carson. The guys who also co-founded Wealthy Affiliate they created Jaaxy for marketers; because their own experience in Affiliate Marketing pointed up a lack of efficient tools to do the kind of targeted research they were looking for.

Jaaxy is FREE to Wealthy Affiliate Memberships;  read more here.

Or feel free to leap into it, insert a search term in the Widget below:

Jaaxy’s Search Bar

3 things to note about the search bar.

  • You can also enter a URL as keyword
  • The plus + beside the green button once clicked increases the number of search tabs, this allows you to search more keywords in one search. Saving you time. Note: Jaaxy FREE and LITE don’t include this feature. (We’ll look at both these soon.)
  • History, handy if you’d like to locate something you’ve search already.

Type a term in the search bar below and test it for yourself:


Search Bar Within Jaaxy

So, we’ve entered our phrase (keyword) from which we’ll get returned results (25). Let’s look at the following tabs and break them down.

  • Avg: This figure (684) is; the average number of searches that the keyword receives per month.
  • Traffic: This tells you how many visits you’ll get to your website if you achieve first page rankings in the Search Engines.
  • QSR: Quoted Search Results; the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword.
  • KQI: Keyword Quality Indicator; acts like traffic signals. Green = good, Yellow = OK, and Red = Poor (or don’t proceed).
  • SEO: This is a score based on traffic and competition, the higher the score, the more likely you will rank for this keyword on the first page (scale of 1 – 100, higher = better).
  • Domains: Availability of domains related to the keyword.

Using Jaaxy FREE  and Pro you’ll need to click “Get QSR” under the KQI tab (the result will appear under QSR). Note: It auto generates in  Jaaxy Enterprise. Some (especially, power affiliates and those who’re doing a lot of market research find this saves a lot of time).

You’ve Targeted Some Niches – What next?

Checklist these 3 points and answer them before you decide you’re ready to move forward.

These are Important to establish before you move forward, unless you intend a purely social niche website.

  • What are people within your prospective niche looking for? (Product or Service or Skill and so on)
  • What way can you help them? ( You’ll want to have some idea about how you’re going to help them, perhaps; you’ll write a review or share information)
  • What product or service can you recommend or point them to. And, does it have an Affiliates program? If so, is it going to return you enough revenue for your time and work? 

From there decide whether to move forward with the niche or not. 

”  Paraphrased from: “Stripping Niches, Uncovering Keywords, & Becoming Successful”. Put together by Kyle and Carson (Wealth It’s one of three FREE bonus downloads available to Jaaxy Subscribers.

Descriptive black text on white background
Subscribers Bonuses Jaaxy Keyword Tool.
Dark blue call to action button
Open An Account In Jaaxy

Domain Search

This feature is very cool because you’ll be able to select an exact match Domain from your keyword, if Top Level Domains; .com .org .net are “unavailable” it’ll say so. See screenshot.

Screen Snip Of Search Bar

You’ll note there’s a link to buy the domain if you want, you can do it all from this one page.

And, notice just how smooth it goes from idea to research, to finding and buying your own domain around which you’ll build your business.

This seems like a small factor, barely worth mentioning, right? Well, if you’ve been through the hoops a few times trying to find a domain for an exact keyword you like, you’ll nod your head and say, “Geez that’s handy”.

From here it’s a matter of clicking one of the links “Buy this domain” and you’ll end up here; most domains are priced between $13 and $16 USD. As you can see from the snip, prices include Whois Privacy Guard, Emails, Hosting, Backups, and 24/7 Site Support.

Related Tab in Jaaxy

These are keywords that relate to the term you searched.

Search results table
Related Tab in Jaaxy

Selecting one related item starts another search; you’re drilling down further into your selected niche, and refining it.

Site Rank

Would you like to know where sites rank in the search engines?

Curiosity turns to strong interest once you realize the power of knowing where exactly your website/s sit in relation to page one. Not only that, you’ll want to know where other sites within your niche rank, you won’t be able to resist taking a peek.

Green Smiley Face

Blue Text on white background.
Check website ranking


Affiliate Program (Use Jaaxy to Promote Jaaxy)

If you enjoy using Jaaxy you’ll likely know others who would benefit from using it, or you may decide to promote it’s benefits through other channels.

You’re in a position to offer people a great product.

Yes, even as a Starter Member (Jaaxy Trial – FREE ACCOUNT ). Promote Jaaxy and earn commissions. You could create a full-time business referring people to Jaaxy. There’s no big deal application forms to become an affiliate.

Concerned you don’t know enough about it to promote it?

Don’t be, you’ll gain your own unique understanding as you move forward. Your own experience using it plus training makes you well qualified to review and promote Jaaxy.

The Jaaxy Affiliate program is one of the best out there – your commissions are recurring. So, month by month for as long as your people subscribe to it you’ll receive on-going commissions. This’ll add up over time.

Click the snip below to find out more.

Advertising Banner
Jaaxy Referral Program

Jaaxy Help

Here you’ll find your training a resource materials;

  • Jaaxy Keyword Research & Management
  • Website Research and Analysis
  • Niche Research Refinement

There’s full and comprehensive training available to subscribers, packed with tips and instruction on how to get great results, you’ll benefit from their direct everyday use of a tool they developed.


Ugrading from Starter Free Trial; is easily done from within your Dashboard, look for a green “Upgrade” button, click it and follow the prompts. If you haven’t tried Jaaxy give it a whirl now. You do not need to supply credit card details. Click this snip to start.

Multi coloured banner
Try Jaaxy 30 Searches Free

My Account

Obviously if you’ve decided to try 30 FREE SEARCHES you’ve set up your account, any time you need to access Settings, Help or Logout you do it from that tab.

Small picture showing account settings for Jaaxy
My Jaaxy Account

Keywords Research & Management

Keywords search is likely to be your go to point in Jaaxy, it’s the most accessed feature of Jaaxy.

There’s a huge number of ways to find niche relevant keywords. You’ll create lists of them…probably many lists.

Now you’ll want a good way of manging them…

Well, here’s one way; one I’ve adopted and adapted to my liking.

Duplicate it if you’d like and/or click the link below my adapted version and checkout the original written by Loes (Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate).

My Adapted Method of Keyword Management

  1. Go to Jaaxy Search type in a phrase relevant to your niche and execute the search.
    1. Make a list of possible keyword phrases, make it as long as you want.
    2. Select the ones you want and save the search to list with Jaaxy (saving keyword lists within Jaaxy saves time).
  2. Then check Related Tab for other relevant keyword phrases.
    1. Excute another search by clicking a relevant term within this tab, the search will start directly.
    2. And add from this search  any you want to your list.
    3. Once you’ve enough select “view list”, you can do this within the “Save to List” tab.

This is what you’ll see when it opens.

List of items on web page
Saved Keyword List
  • Download it as a TXT file and save the excel file for future reference. (Note: I export all data, it makes it easier to quick reference keyword stats).

From the spreadsheet I copy to my website, here’s how.

  1. Select & copy as many as you think you’ll want to work with, the best of them you’re going to use as titles. Go to Posts – Add New and paste the data. Note: It’ll paste as an editable table.
  2. Then select the best phrases for titles change their text colour to red or another something to set the best apart from the rest.
  3. The other phrases leave as they are.
  4. Take unique words from the other phrases and use them throughout your article. Loes’ suggest stricking through the unique words as you use them. It works.


Use titles as tags

Text box on website

Author: Loes.  Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate. 


Alphabet Soup

Fully automated alphabet soup keyword research saving you time. Allowing you to come up with niche ideas and keywords A to Z in just a few minutes.


Brainstorm Tab (Lacking Inspiration!)

Lacking ideas? If you’re unsure where to start, what niche to work and haven’t a clue beyond a word or two then head over too Jaaxy “Brainstorm” it sits beside “Affiliates Programs” tab. Add your word to the “Brainstorm Queue”.

This is something you can do on the run from any mobile device with internet connection. You may be out shopping, reading something, of inspiration hits you. You want to save those moments, you can do it, all within Jaaxy.

Tip: I have saved my Jaaxy Brainstorm Queue page to Favorites tab in my mobile phone web browser, I can access it faster this way and add ideas to “Brainstorm”.


How to put your list to work!

Go to your “Keyword Tab” in Jaaxy and open “Brainstorm”, this time you want the tab right next to the “Related” tab. This is where you’ll find a list of all words you’ve added over time. With this open select the one you want to research further and Jaaxy will go to work, returning you keyword results for that keyword phrase.

Jaaxy Training

You won’t be left out in the cold wondering how to use Jaaxy, the team there have created walk through videos related to each of the following:

  • Keyword Research and Management
  • Website Research and Analysis
  • Niche Research Refinement
  • Don’t forget to access the bonus downloads, while they were written in 2011 they’re packed with valuable information and tips. I recommend making full use of them.  They’ll help to maximize your Jaaxy experience to the fullest.

Get Two For The Price Of One

Become a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member and Get Jaaxy Lite for FREE.

Jaaxy Lite is available to all Wealthy Affiliate Premium Memberships, it’s the same comprehensive tool we’ve been looking into here, with only slight limitations.

There’s more; as a Premium Member the Pro and Enterprise versions of Jaaxy are heavily discounted too.

It’s worth reading up on Wealthy Affiliate and weighing up your options, read more here.

Chart of membership
Jaaxy’s discounted for Wealthy Affiliate Members.


Pros and Cons

Having the use of Jaaxy since September 2017 I find there’s a lot about about it to like.

Let’s go through the Pros!
  • You can try it for Free, you don’t have to supply your credit card details. This compares well with LongTailPro Platinum FREE Trial…they expect you to add your Credit Card Details.  (This is a pet peeve of mine…I won’t proceed with a trail, ever, if I have to supply credit card details).
  • The navigation is user friendly making it easy to select different parts of the tool.
  • Support and training are available and easy to find.
  • It is a very comprehensive keyword research tool, you’ll be able to uncover hidden gems you can capitalize on.
  • You can down-grade your Subscription.
  • It’s server based, meaning there’s no software to download.
  • You can find and purchase Domains from within Jaaxy.
The Cons.
  • There’s no language pack in Jaaxy; those not familiar with the English Language will be at a disadvantage.
  • Pro and Enterprise Subscriptions are at the higher end of the spectrum for premium keyword tools.
  • There’s a lot to learn about Jaaxy and this can be daunting. Especially to those who’re new to keyword research.

Summary (Jaaxy Keyword Tool)

I’ve tried to give you an in depth look at the inner workings of a great keyword research tool. I’m using it, & learning more about it each day. It’s used by thousands of people, perhaps 10s of thousands daily. To varied success of course.

It’s a tool for use, and in the hands of one who’s willing to make full and complete use of all it’s many features, the results, I’m sure, would be spectacular. In someone’s elses hands; not so much!

I recommend to you to; use Jaaxy Keyword Tool,  leverage it’s features to improve your chances of success.

That’s what I’m doing.

Use it to find relevant low competition keyword phrases. Especially important at very early stages of site development. Continue to use it form there onward to greater profit and success.

If you think I’ve missed something, or could’ve expanded on some points, please do let me know.

Post up in comments below. Also stay tuned for more about keywords, I’m going to walk through some ways to find keywords, research them and build some lists you can copy and insert into Jaaxy for your own further research. You never know from that you could end up creating a great business.

Here’s to your success

Thanks for reading 🙂