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Maybe you’ve tried this a number of times only to find you’ve been lied to, it happens a lot in this industry, unfortunately.

We’ve all had our expectations raised to the ceiling and beyond about what’s possible in the online world, internet gurus abound spruiking how much money they’ve made, “buy my course and do the same”. Yeah right!

Been there done that.

There’s No Overnight Successes (People Lie)

Yep, that’s right sorry to burst your bubble but that’s the truth of it. People will tell you it’s easy…easy said but not easy in application.

That’s not neccessarily a lie, however, most of us focus on the word “easy” and go head long into things with that foremost in our minds.

Ultimately we’ll be disappointed because none of this is easy, and then, from that disappointment we conclude, right or wrong, we’ve been lied to.

So, let’s dispense with that now, nothing about developing an online business and/or any business for that matter is easy. Nothing.

Any business (online included) requires.

Hard work, and a clear understanding of what’s involved in creating success, and application of that understanding toward producing quality work; something of value to an end user.

Quality content, which answers people questions, or fulifills a need; where they’ll find what they’ve been looking for, whether a product or service.

And Time; yes it takes time to build your online presence. You cannot proscribe “I must be successful in 90 day’s or else I’m outta here. You won’t make it, and it’s unreasonable to ask it of yourself.

A Sound Business

You’ll want to establish instead, a sound steady business, one which will give you ongoing revenue for years to come. A business you’ll be proud of.

Once I realized that an online business is built around certain knowable principles, principles anyone can learn and apply. I felt a sense of relief and calmness about things & a level of ceratinty about where I’m headed and that’s what I hope for you too.

Why would I be surprised about discovering that this business is built around certain priinciples, what makes it any different to any other sort of business? Nothing really.

After all we’ve run a successful service industry business since 1990, commercial cleaning. We’ve sustained it by providing value to our clients year in year out, and an online business is no different.

Where does one go to; Learn How To Make Money Online? Wealthy Affiliate!

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Author: James Anderson

James here, I'm a small business owner in Canberra Australia. We've run our commercial cleaning business here since 1989, currently we employ around 23 staff. I'm married with children, and we are grand parents. I enjoy learning new technology and keeping up with current trends. I hope you get something out of this site. James

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