Get Your Business On Google (Build A FREE Website)

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How to get your business on Google and build a FREE WEBSITE too!

Let’s get started.

Two Kinds Of Website.

There’s free.

And there’s paid; this last might be anywhere from just a few dollars on upward of many thousands of $, depending on how deep your pockets are. As small business owners, it’s likely we would go for big effects for small costs, right?

Let’s talk FREE. (It’s an option).

Did you know, Google offers a free website for Google My Business customers?

Well, they do.

It’s now free for any business VERIFIED within Google My Business (GMB). More about “VERIFIED” SOON!

Google My Business
You’ll need to set up your business listing within Google My Business, there’s a few hoops to go through when you do that. But we go into that further down page…meanwhile.

Once, you’ve got your business listed in GMB, creating the website is smooth as silk. Google builds your site from the information supplied in setting up your business profile in GMB.

Small Business Skill (Business Website)

If You get this far hit “GET STARTED”.

And it will create your site from the info you supplied when you set up GMB.

Set up your free website.

Now You Customize It.

You’ll be able to choose different colours, text etc., click “Pick a theme for your site”. It’ll start to take shape now.

Won’t be long before you’re ready to post some content to it.

Pick A Theme For your Site

From there continue to populate your FREE WEBSITE!

Google My Business (Set Up).

It’s quite easy to set up Google My Business (GMB).

Here’s what you’ll need.

  • A Google Account; more than likely you have one of those, got Gmail? You’ve got one! Otherwise, head over here and set one up.
  • A business. It may be a very new one or one long established…it doesn’t matter.
  • Google Account you’re good to go.
  • Hit the screen snip below it’ll take you to the get started page. WHOA…BEFORE YOU RUSH AHEAD; READ MY IMPORTANT TIP BELOW. THE SCREEN SNIP!!!
Google Free Business Listing Start


If you run your business from home, as do we, and don’t want people rocking up without invitation please be sure to check “YES” in the last box of the set up form. Note; even though you have to list your business street address if you check “Yes” in the last box on the form your address remains hidden from public view, only you can see it.

You cannot proceed through set up without advising of a physical street address, to know more about it just hit their “important information” link in the same box.

Get You Business On Google


Google will send a POSTCARD to your physical address (that’s why you add it) it’ll contain a PIN, It’s required for confirmation your business exists. Click this Screen Snip if you’d like more info about what to do.

Get Your Business On Google.

Now, You’re Ready To Complete Your Free Website.

That’s it…you’re set to go. The rest of the process is Step-By-Step and pretty easy. You can customize your site as you see fit.

Here’s an example snip of a GMB Website Page.

Get Your Business On Google

Google My Business (Not Meant For Online Businesses?)

Now, I didn’t know this, not until after setting it up. That’s my “Show Tell Reviews” site near the fold of the page, I have since deleted it. But in hindsight I see no reason why this wouldn’t still work. MY OPINION ONLY. GMB is apparently only for physical businesses. Fortunately I have a Commercial Cleaning Business too and I am setting GMB up for that. Once I get my verification code (it is here in 6 days as of today) I’ll do a walk through post about setting it up and building out my free site on Google.

I think this is going to work well for local business.

We’ll see how it all goes hey?

Please feel free to drop comments or questions below, I promise to respond.

Cheers James

Author: James Anderson

James here, I'm a small business owner in Canberra Australia. We've run our commercial cleaning business here since 1989, currently we employ around 23 staff. I'm married with children, and we are grand parents. I enjoy learning new technology and keeping up with current trends. I hope you get something out of this site. James

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