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About James

Well, I am the type of guy who likes to help, always have always will.Picture of a man

And it’s WHY I created this website.


Struggles. (You Have Them as Do I).

They’re the things we want to be done with aren’t they?

Because if we “get done with” them we can move further down the road to wherever we’re headed.

True or not?

It’s the things (real or imagined) that we feel are in our way that stop us moving forward.

Often times when we are stopped in our tracks we’ll reach for something we feel will help us, at least we start to get interested, resourceful and innovative.

Somehow or another the very thing we are looking for leaps to hand. Or comes into our awareness allowing us to resolve something and bingo we are on the move again.

It’s my intent you’ll find the unexpected here…surprises, inspirations and motivations within these pages & posts.

Within These Pages & Posts.

You’ll find experiences, my own and others, many others as we gather momentum here.

After nearly 30 years of running a small commercial cleaning business there have been experiences, plenty of them, and we’ve negotiated everyone of them. We’re still negotiating them and learning more each day.

In June or so 2017 I felt the urge to create in another direction, with that, I set about learning as much as I could about creating an online business, I bumped down a few roads in the process and eventually found what I was looking for when a friend sent me a link to Wealthy Affiliate. (We’ll get into all that sort of stuff as the pages turn).

This site (Small Business Skills) is one of 3  I’m working on. What I have found inside Wealthy Affiliate though, just quickly, is an abundance of genuinely helpful professionals from all walks of life and all parts of the globe. A vast array of talent all on one platform ready and willing to share and help.

In one way or another we’ll access this talent and share these things with you, and call upon you to help us too, if you want to.

We are also UNLEARNING lessons too. More about that inside our blog. (When I get around to writing content around such things).

There’s a New Reality.

At the end 1988 when we started our business it was a vastly different world than today. Technology as we know it now was dreamed of certainly but was yet unavailable. I now do more from my mobile phone than I did with my computer back then. And those things were very expensive, our first Fax machine (for example) cost us $3,000. (We don’t use one now…do you?).

We now do much more in less time, less in terms of cost and do it better. Better technology and at far better prices make this possible.

Anyone with the intent to, can go into business at anytime they chose, I am not saying it’s easy, it’s just more possible than it ever was.

Who am I?

I’m James, a Seniorpreneur…something my wife Liz said of me after she read; “seniors now comprise a bigger number than ever of entrepreneurs in Australia” with access to some ideas, some new and tested, and others bourne out of nearly 30 years experience running my own successful small service industry business.

I could say more about myself and it might be nice to do, but do nothing for you. Unless I am mistaken, you’re here for your own reasons, and that’s what we intend to focus on.

Anyway, we’ll learn more about each other as we go forward, I hope.

I will say this though; I’ll always answer emails and reply to comments. I am available and I respond.

You’ll know me better by what I help you with.

After-all that’s basic to why this site is created.

Let’s Get Started. OK?

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